Monday, April 5, 2010

Vote Canvass

Election period is fast approaching. Every electoral candidates are making their move: doing some campaigns through political advertisement, ad posting, giving out fliers displaying their own backgrounds and experiences and of course their platforms.

Lately, I've been a volunteer in our place, counting those votes that are canvassed only for local candidates. Quite exhausting but since I have nothing to do with my present life status right now then I still enjoyed it. Well I can also say that I am doing good with this thing because I am trying to expose myself (not politically) preferably I want to term it as 'social involvement'. Not to mention who gets the big number of votes but as one of the concerned citizen in my country, I do hope that this incoming election with use of automated machines, that it would lessen the chance of cheating. I would like to call it as lessen because it's hard for me to say and or even use the word eliminate.

Let us vote wisely people. This is not only for individual interests but for our common good.


Rubz said...

good job..and good luck..

Euroangel said...

have a nice day from Europe!

Veronica Hearst said...

nice blogs.....And best of luck.

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