Tuesday, March 30, 2010

As an Enrollee in Social Work

During my first year in college, I am not originally enrolled as a social work student, since I gave myself a shot and took a business course. I have gotten enough grades with my subjects and passed all. Unfortunately, I got this feeling that if ever I would have to pursue this business study, I won't be that satisfied and happy. I got confused and even felt stressed thinking what should I needed to do and what course should I took. I asked for advices and even offered prayers for a divine intervention and hoped that things would be clear for me.
I scanned the course list of our school, then courses such nursing, education, and social work filled my tiny paper and I considered them as my choices. Looking through these courses, I felt I was neither in line with medical studies nor in education and became a teacher. Crashing out those two courses, social work was the only one left in my list.
Honestly, I did not have enough information about social work course and what kind of profession was that be. I just have that kind of urge and strong interest that I might be destined with this course.
When i finally made the decision to take social work, I never doubted to grab a copy of a shiftee form and worked on it and apply to another program which my school offers (the Social Work Program). There I started to have this feeling of excitement that I am in a new field and entering into in a one-of-a-kind course.